Nature Safaris


  • Southern Right Whale & Penguin Safaris

    For more than 2o years we have been travelling along the coast of Patagonia to visit the Southern Right Whales in their breeding and calving grounds. Hardly any other whale species is as impressive in its behaviour and approaches the boats so closely and curiously as the Southern Right Whale. Regularly we even observe mothers which guide their calves towards the boats – emotional moments are guaranteed! Those who once observed Right whales will never forget this experience.

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  • Orca Nature Safari

    In Punta Norte at the Península Valdés you observe the unique hunting behaviour of the Orcas. You identify the animals by photo and video id-recording and analyse the collected information later together with the scientists. Furthermore, you discover Patagonia’s wild south, for example the petrified forest of Sarmiento and the course of Ría Deseado which is home of numerous animals.

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Photo Safaris


  • Big Orca Photo Safari

    As this tour is specifically designed for experienced photographers there will be enough time during the excursions to get the best photographic conditions and situations. The first part of the trip involves the exploration of remote islands and animal colonies where you have countless opportunities to catch unique moments with your camera. You meet Rockhopper penguins which usually can only be seen at cruises to the Antarctic and at the Falkland Islands. The second part of the tour is dedicated to breath-taking pictures of the famous orcas of Valdés. At the so called attacking channel the whales are often only 20 meters away from the photographers.

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  • Small Orca Photo Safari

    Who is not familiar with the wildlife documentaries featuring the orcas at the world’s renowned hunting beaches at the peninsula of Valdés. Each year during the months of March and April the whales, also known as “beach hunters”, showcase their sophisticated hunting skills as they pursue young Southern sea lion pups playing on the beaches of the peninsula. The sea lion pups are in the process to wean from their mother. During their first swimming attempts they blithely play in the water. Not knowing yet what an orca is for many of them this game will be their doom…

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  • Southern Right Whale Photo Safari

    This tour offers deep insights into the life of the Southern Right Whale. You take pictures of the giants which can weigh up to 80 tons from the coast, by boat and under water. However, there wait some other close encounters with Patagonia’s animals for you: You observe Chilean and Commerson’s Dolphins in the river as well as Magellanic and Southern Rockhopper penguins. The program shows you exclusive locations which are usually only accessible for professional photographers and film teams.

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TV Teams and Special Tours


  • Charter and Special Tours

    We are more than happy to offer you tailor-made itineraries in Patagonia. Apart from our annual travel programs, we organise special tours which are dedicated to a certain theme.

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  • TV Teams

    Photographers & film teams in Patagonia
    If you are interested in a film production or in professional work with orcas, Southern Right Whales or other wildlife in Patagonia, please contact us for more information. We will be happy to assist you. Click here.
    Watch the movie trailer “Patagonia” from Blue Note Productions below.

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